K-12 Enrichment Programs

Our enrichment programs go beyond providing a safe place for students to do their homework after school. Through an empowering curriculum, we inspire learning and encourage students to reach their full potential beyond their wildest dreams through creativity, discovery, exploration, mentorship, and career exploration. The After School Club (ASC) provides a nurturing environment that fosters a sense of belonging. It allows for students to meet new friends, problem solve on their own, build character, and develop leadership skills. 

The ASC encompasses an array of high-quality enrichment programs. Our programs range from STEM-based activities, project-based learning, art education, community service learning, life skills, recreational activities, and summer learning. We strongly encourage youth voice and choice! The ASC provides a platform for students to be a part of the decision-making process through the Youth Advisory Board.


Program Contacts:

Catherine Edwards, K-8 Enrichment Program Director – Elementary & Middle School
afterschoolclub@paulcuffee.org, 401-453-2626

Charlayne Osborne, Elementary and Middle School Enrichment Site Coordinator
afterschoolclub@paulcuffee.org, 401-453-2711